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David Lim

David Lim


I’m David Lim. More than 20 years ago I led the 1st Singapore Mt Everest Expedition to success, and then began to receive numerous inquiries to speak to organisations in order to share my thoughts on leadership, working as teams and motivation. Over time, I realized that I could make this a sustainable business. And many others with expertise in technology, sales, wellness, and corporate leadership could and are making a significant income from their knowhow. For the past decade, I’ve had 50 paid engagements a year and became financially independent seven years ago.

Based in the ‘Venice of the East’, or Singapore; I’ve spent more than 20 years in this business of professional speaking/training/coaching/consulting with a particular focus on Asia-Pacific Markets. As a result , I am constantly approached by these groups of people for professional mentoring or help in growing a business based around their expertise.


You are typically a:

  • a working professional wanting to pivot into a career as a professional trainer/speaker.
  • a current workshop leader and professional speaker wanting to break into or do better in the keynote, or ‘paid presentation’ market.
  • a working professional interested in improving their platform speaking skills in their expertise with a view of speaking on occasion for fees or to develop a position of expertise in their industry.
  • a working professional with expertise transferable to a solo-preneur type of business and seeking to create a back-up business in these uncertain times.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a multiple amputee, Olympic athlete, Mt Everest climber or some superhuman to be a successful professional speaker. In reality, most professionals making a living from speaking and training platforms are topic experts whose content and knowhow are helping organisations solve their problems. Some are motivational in their own right without the need of some dramatic past experience. Many become ‘rockstars’ within their own industry niche.

After years of helping many speakers develop a market presence, set and negotiate fees and in other areas of their business, I realized that I could not spend as much time answering all their questions. So I created the S.U.M.M.I.T Speaker Success video course.


Check out what others have said about how I’ve helped them

Gil Petersil

President, Meetpartners

“One week after David’s session, his tip on negotiating with clients helped me…triple my fee!”

David Rogers

Motivational Coach

“David is an expert in this area….and makes a difference in peoples’ lives”

Benjamin Loh

Public Speaking Coach & Professional
Millennial Speaker

“David’s content just blew me away…helped me upsell a five figure training programme to a client”

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So this is not a gimmicky, get-rich type of business. But you can and will short-cut many of the skills and processes that you would normally take many years working with me. Don’t learn from people who have not been a success in this business, and don’t try to learn from someone who is not operating at the level to which you aspire. Right away you can avail yourself to learning resources right here to help you become or be a better professional speaker; or contact me for a no-obligation discovery call. What we will experience is a quick run through of your background, context, desires and dreams. From there, we will assess what are the next best steps for you to take.

For those who prefer a more customized level of support and 1:1 coaching, contact me for a discovery call. We’ll explore your background, context, dreams and skill sets and see if we are a fit to take you to the next stage of your professional speaker journey. In our six or 12 month coaching programmes, you will learn or improve:

  • Platform and presentation skills.
  • Building a unique brand.
  • Your collaterals and preview video or showreels.
  • Negotiating client fees and contracts.
  • Troubleshooting aspects of your career.
  • Developing products for multiple income streams.
  • Your level of topic expertise.


Still not convinced? Listen to more people:

Grant Rawlinson

Motivational speaker and adventurer

“if you have a story that needs to be told or a skill that the world needs, David’s the guy to go to…”

Shaun McEWAN

Asia’s leading Master of Ceremonies

“After David’s session, I can’t believe the amount of money I’m making”

Marion Neubronner

CEO, NeuEducation

“David is a master in professional speaking, and through him, I’ve learnt how to create products my clients really want to buy”


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