Read further if you have issues with one or more of the above “experts who speak/train/coach” problems
In my 20 years in this business, it’s often not the smartest expert, the most eloquent speaker, or the savviest business person that succeeds in this business of “experts who speak/train/consult”. It’s about having a lot of the right elements in the right places of your business.

My SUMMIT Speaker Success home-study programme is designed to help you ‘up’ your game in critical aspects of story construct, client engagement, doing ‘the business’; especially in the Asia Pacific. home of the fastest and largest growing economies in the world. Tried a ‘programme’ sold by an expert mentor or speaker coach from the USA? Hope you found good value – but if you aren’t based in the USA or the “developed world’, ever feel that a lot of their examples and solutions simply don’t work in Asia-Pacific? Many developed marketplaces for experts pay well but are saturated, and operate with market demands completely different from the Asia markets for example.

· In this 23-part home study course, you will learn and improve how you are doing in these areas:

S.U.M.M.I.T Speaker Success programme
  • 1a creating your signature story
  • 1b story construct
  • 1c sticky lessons
  • 1d the hero’s journey
  • 1e stage mechanics
  • 4a The Inner Game
  • 4b The External Game
  • 2a unique brand
  • 2b creating brand gravity
  • 2c building authority presence
  • 5a fee setting models that work
  • 5b developing adjacencies
  • 5c product development and scaling
  • 3a marketing presence
  • 3b sales conversations
  • 3c negotiating skills
  • 3d negotiating mistakes experts make
  • 3e asking for and giving concessions
  • 3f telephone negotiations
  • 3g lead generation
  • 3h the Timed Referral System™
  • 3i speaker bureaus/marketing agencies
  • 6a Speaker apps and tools


Bonus #1

16page PDF “Riding the Asian Dragons – Professional speaking in Asia”

Bonus #2

Free discovery call with David Lim to talk about how I might be able to help your business – if I think I can help further, we’ll expand this coaching call! Such calls are often valued at over $500 per session!


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David Lim

Global Speaking Fellow (GSF)
Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)

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